History of IOTOD

Over its 16-year history, the IOTOD conference has consistently delivered in terms of delegates attaining and retaining pre-defined learning objectives.

Over the years, the conference has evolved beyond conventional CME conferences in this field: by harnessing multi-format educational interventions and behaviour change techniques, IOTOD is now powered to elicit significant improvements in physician behaviours up to 1 year on from the conference. This is an exceptional achievement for CME in Europe, where outcomes are traditionally restricted to just improving knowledge and awareness.

During this period, the IOTOD conference has grown in renown and popularity, with around 4,500 attendees participating in the 16 conferences since the inaugural meeting in 2001. Our audience members are drawn from all levels of expertise relevant to caring for the opioid-dependent population, reflecting the breadth of the programme content.

Delegate breakdown from previous IOTOD conferences

by Specialty

by Country/Region

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